Mixed exhibitions are held at Hookshouse in May and October.
They usually include the work of three or four painters, printmakers or photographers, and four or five craft makers, who may be working in leather, wood, metal, glass, textiles or clay. Each exhibition includes two or three 'new' exhibitors, and has a different 'feel' from the one before.
Hookshouse May Exhibition – ‘The Mind’s Eye’
Saturday May 26th to Sunday June 3rd - Preview Friday May 25th 6pm to 9pm
This year we again have an excellent line up of exhibitors whose work you will be able to admire both indoors and outdoors.
Returning after a ‘rest’ is Rod Nelson, whose stunning woodcuts are now recognised not just nationally but internationally. They are accompanied by Pippa Shennan’s exquisite flower studies. She will be bringing some new oils alongside more examples of the multi-layered watercolours she has shown here before. And we have a new exhibitor on the paintings front in the multitalented Sigute Barniskyte-Kidd, adept at capturing a world of atmosphere with her semi abstract landscapes. The walls of our temporary gallery will also be adorned with wonderful woven hangings by another new artist, also with international connections, Bella Peralta.
Seekers after jewellery will be spoilt for choice this time, as we have the ever tasteful creations of Jean French, using a range of semi-precious stones, and the pure silver jewellery of Tim Blades, beautifully designed and perfectly executed. We also have a good range of glass, a medium which has much grown in popularity in recent years. The colourful fused panels and dishes of Sue Sills were much admired when she last showed with us. And this time we have a new contributor, Liz Dart, whose finely made stained panels will provide a contrast and a variation on the glass theme. Yet more variety will be provided by the work of our favourite basket maker, Norah Kennedy, and the indoor exhibition will be further enhanced by ceramic sculptures from Mary Doyle and wood items by Jane Gray-Wallis. And of course there will be Hookshouse pots, some of which will revisit much loved designs from way back.
The outdoor exhibition will feature two newcomers to Hookshouse. Award winning artist blacksmith Neil Lossock is contributing examples of his highly imaginative sculptural work. And there will be enticing benches and more sculptural pieces by wood sculptor Patrick Brown. Mosaic artist Emily Lawlor has created a soaring flight of swallows. And Chris Boys and Alison Isherwood are again offering us their striking glass creations in strategic spots around the garden area. The truly delightful rustic chairs of Jane Gray-Wallis will be making a guest appearance, and there will be more willow by Norah Kennedy, stone sculptures by Mary Doyle and outdoor glass pieces by Sue Sills.
The garden itself will be on show as usual, opening throughout the exhibition to support the NGS, and the tea tent will again play its pivotal role in your enjoyment of the ‘Hookshouse Experience’! The tree house may be visited on request, and ‘rough croquet’ will be available to play when the weather permits.
And if you are really observant you may be able to spot the fairly major change which has happened since last time you were here!
Outdoor Theatre
Theatre in the garden this year is on Wednesday 25th July, when the Pantaloons will present us with their own inimitable take on another of the Shakespeare greats, ‘As You Like It’. True to the text and the spirit of the play, their production is also sure to bring us something extra as we enjoy their high energy interactive style of theatre.
The performance starts at 7.30pm, and you are welcome to picnic in the garden from 6pm onwards. Please bring seats and suitably warm clothing. Don’t underestimate the temperature drop, often sharper on clear days. On one occasion we had to ransack the house for spare duvets and blankets during the interval!
Mailing List
As from the next exhibition, we plan to send hard copy mailings only to those who specifically request them. We have made this decision partly because of the sudden jump in the cost of 2nd class stamps, and partly because we find that more and more people are comfortable with email. It does of course also save paper, which makes us feel a little bit virtuous!
Please can you let us know what you would like us to do, by email, phone or post, or by telling us when you visit this next exhibition.
1. Continue sending by post
2. Send invitation by email
3. Stop
If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you would like us to stop bothering you!